I'm Wil Oakes, and this is my dog Sam.
Sam likes tennis balls. I like making things.

There are lots of web designers in the world. Lots of print designers, writers, photographers, and graphic artists, too.

But websites need photos, print projects need text, and good text needs solid editing. Almost every media project is really a multimedia project. This means either hiring multiple people to produce a single product - a writer, a photographer, and designer to create a catalog or magazine, for example - or hiring a large, expensive agency.

Whether you're an individual with a simple need - say, a family photo or a recording of a music recital - or an organization with more complex needs - like a website, newsletter, or video - we can handle the job. We'll keep all the work in one place, and keep the price low.

Web Design

Get online.

Maybe you know exactly what you want your site to look like. Or maybe you don't have a clue. Either way, we've got you covered.

Our process keeps you in the loop from the beginning. We can turn your drawings or descriptions into fully functional websites or start with you from scratch and offer several design options for you to choose from.

Whatever approach you prefer, we can make your web site come to life and provide you with the support you need to keep it up to date.

And, of course, we can supplement web work with a full array of graphics, video, audio, or copy... whatever you need to bring you to the web with a vengeance.

Print Design

Old school impact.

These days, the web is king, right? Maybe.

The truth is, while a strong web presence is indispensable for any business or other organization, the ubiquitousness of online media has only strengthened the impact of a solid print publication. While emails get filtered into trash folders or ignored by people with flooded inboxes, a piece of mail or a colorful magazine can really catch the eye and make it to a coveted desk or coffee table.

But to get there, you need a design that works. We have the skills and experience to create a print publication tailored to your needs, complete with graphic and copy work that will present you or your organization exactly the way you want to be seen.

Long live print.

Photography, Videography, Writing, Editing, Reporting, Graphic Design, Audio Recording and Production

What else do you need?

The beauty of working with Oakes Copy and Creative Services is that, however many components your project may have, we can keep all the work in house.

Need a recording of your band for your website? Got it.

Need an interview and article about your employee of the month for the company newsletter? Got that, too.

And we can also handle the rest on an individual basis. A logo for your new bakery? Yes. Photos of your son's graduation? Sure. Copyediting on your master's thesis? Absolutely.

We can do it all. So you don't have to worry.
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